Laser Hair Removal

Due to genetic predisposition or a hormonal imbalance, many men and women have excessive hair on different parts of the body. While not causing harm, emotionally this can be very challenging for individuals to deal with while they become self-conscious and embarrassed about the amount of hair on their body. Laser treatment will significantly reduce the number of hairs in the specified area, drastically improving the appearance of the skin and body while building self-esteem.

Stefano Stella MD in Union, City, NJ performs laser hair removal treatments on men and women in the comfort of his private practice facility. Since 2006, Dr. Stella has been successfully performing this procedure on patients at the lowest costs and has the ability to remove hair on any part of the body.

On average, this process requires about five treatments, although the number and length of treatments required varies depending on the part of the body being treated. For example, back hair may be treated about once every two months whereas face hair grows much quicker so would require more frequent treatments. But a typical laser hair removal process takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

Don’t let the presence of excessive body hair keep you from wearing the clothes you want or doing things you enjoy. Shaving and hair removal creams can be a thing of the past with laser hair removal services by Stefano Stella MD.