Stefano Stella MD has been a practicing Obstetrician since he graduated from Ross University Medical School in 1981. Since then he has delivered thousands of healthy babies with an emphasis on natural and non-invasive therapies for pregnancy and childbirth.

Dr. Stella provides high-quality care to women during pregnancy and childbirth to ensure they stay healthy while carrying and delivering their babies. Taking the time to discuss the birthing process and administering proper testing during prenatal care, Dr. Stella and his staff cater to patients in a welcoming and comforting environment for the best experience possible.

With over three decades of experience, Dr. Stella is one of the most trusted and highly respected Obstetricians in Northeastern New Jersey.

3D Ultrasounds

With improved technology in ultrasounds over the years, 3D ultrasounds have become an option for obstetricians over the last 3-4 years. Dr. Stella’s private OB-GYN practice in Union City, NJ offers 3D ultrasounds for pregnant mothers, allowing for greater detail in checking on the health of your baby.

The medical office of Stefano Stella MD accepts most major insurances and his hospital affiliations include Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus, NJ and HMH Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen, NJ.

Pregnancies can come with some unexpected needs throughout the months of carrying your child. That is why Dr. Stella is available 24 hours for emergency service, so you can take comfort knowing that you’re care provider will be available if you need him outside of regularly scheduled appointments.