Cosmetic Vaginal & Vulvar Surgery

For a purely cosmetic improvement to the look of the vaginal area, Stefano Stella MD offers vaginal/vulvar surgery to achieve the look of the vagina you want. As with all body parts, due to age, pregnancy, and body change, the vagina loses shape and elasticity.

Through cosmetic surgical procedures, Dr. Stella can surgically tighten the tissues in the area for an improved appearance to bring back beauty, self-esteem, and confidence.

Depending on the level of cosmetic surgery required, some vaginal surgeries can be done in our state of the art private practice office, while others may be done in a hospital.

There are multiple approaches to cosmetic vaginal surgery so contact Dr. Stella for a free confidential consultation to learn about your options.

The small and personable staff at Stefano Stella MD provides a warm and welcoming environment for all patients. With the highest level of care being offered, our patients will enjoy a positive experience with confidence knowing that Dr. Stella, a board certified gynecological surgeon, performs all of our treatments.